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After ditching Paris' first digital fashion week, Virgil Abloh is in Shanghai with the Zooooms

Last month, on Pairs' first digital-only Haute Couture Week, top designers such as Gucci, Hermès, Rick Owens indulged the fashion lovers, buyers, and journalists across the globe with their digital collections despite the drastic changes brought about by the pandemic.

However, Louis Vuitton was not one of them. Instead, there was only a short film titled "Adventures of Zoooom with friends" released for us to figure out what Virgil Abloh had in mind for their next show in Shanghai.

This week the long-waited LV spring/summer men's collection arrived in Shanghai. Dubbed "Message in a bottle," this IRL show is streamed through Youtube for viewers across the globe to watch. In the show, we can see the animated characters from the short film released in Paris digital fashion week manifest in the show elements.

Although actor Lee Min Ho, who is rumored to be in the show, was not there, Kris Wu's appearance still grabbed a lot of attention.

With the new sustainability initiative, this new collection consists of looks made from recycled material as well as repurposed items seen in previous shows.

Watch the show here:

Missed the Gucci shows? Find out more about Alessandro's vision for Gucci 2020 here.

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