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Reimagining Fashion Photoshoot | IG Verzuz battles

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Who would have thought that after nearly two months of staying home, the pandemic still has no sign of dying down? It struck me one day when I blanked out to the question: What day is it today? The pandemic overwhelms us with seismic changes everywhere in our lives, but are they all necessarily bad news?

I believe many of you might have the same experiences; Every night was like a Friday night, at first.

  • Since we started to WFH, dress code only applies to the top half of our body, giving us the freedom to wear whatever (or even nothing!) we prefer down the waist. We just have to make sure not to drop our phones during a Zoom call.

  • Supermarkets and stores are making you wait in long lines.

  • Amazon fresh is constantly out of stock. We had to wait by 12 am to place an order on anything we can find.

What else is changing out there?

Congrats to those who can work from home with no problem. Some industries, like one example of the modeling industry I will be talking about, are facing more difficulties working their way around under the new social distancing rules than the rest.


LA Model Home Studio Photoshoot with A Makeup Artist in New York and Director in Milan.

Daria Strokous, a famous Russian model and regular to the covers of well-known brands such as Vogue, NARS, and Diors, has been reimagining the image production without a full team of editorial physically present while she was self-isolating at her Los Angeles home.

During a group call with the makeup artist who lives in New York and the director in Milan,

the idea of a remote shooting sprouted in Strokous’s mind.

However, the most challenging part of a remote shooting laid in the fact that the model had to do everything based on merely remote instructions through phone from the rest of the team. She had to put makeup on herself, set up lights, take the pictures on her own, and so on.

It is even more difficult than it sounds. Luckily, with years of experience being on NARS ads and working with the same makeup artist, she was able to easily follow her makeup artist’s tutorials and mimic the makeup techniques.

As a graduate from the film school at the University of Southern California, Strokous has experience not only in filming from taking part in movies such as Contagion but also in putting together a whole studio set up in her house. “It’s not every day you find a model with racks, lights, and equipment,” Strokous says. “Usually, the photographer is on the other side of the camera, and you never get to feel their viewpoint and see what they see.”

The restrain-at-home order seemed to have impaired Strokous’ ability to work, but at the same time, it had given her a chance to embrace a whole new experience in her modeling career.


Verzuz Instagram Live “battles”

If you like music and are stuck home looking for entertainment, Instagram live event #Verzuz is the event for you!

Since the new social distancing roles, most of the musical events, which most likely involve gathering, are canceled. During these difficult times, two super music producers, Timbaland and Swizz Beatz decide to create something to bring happiness for everyone, and the event Verzuz is the result.

Although the name Verzuz does sound a lot like fierce battling of musicians against their fellow musicians, Verzuz is, in fact, more of a relaxing Instagram live event where two musicians share in turns their best-ofs and make light comments from time to time.

At the end of each round, viewers can take sides through comments.

So far, Verzuz has held 11 successful virtual Instagram battle sessions with the most recent one featuring 112 and Jagged Edge on Memorial day ( May 25th, 8 pm ET).

In the Nelly vs. Ludacris session on May 16th, viewers are surprised by the preview of two Ludacris’ new tracks played during the battle by Ludacris himself. Soon after the Nelly vs. Ludacris, the Verzuz battle by Timbaland + Swizz Beatz won the Webby break the internet awards, giving the event even more recognitions.

There were also famous listeners with even bigger names among the crowd, such as Michelle Obama, Mariah Carey, Adele, and Jay-Z. For those who missed the events, be sure to check out the recording of Verzuz battles on twitter at Verzuz’s official account!

Rumor has it that Eminem is down for a future Verzuz battle with DMX. Buckle up, Eminem and DMX fans!

Here are three most recent Verzuz battles and the battle recaps: (Note: Click the play button on the bottom left corner for a better viewing experience)

Stay tuned with KALO updates for the dopest news.

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