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Shop products with ease.

You can explore style inspiration from your favorite influencer and friends. As you find something you like, you can shop directly through posts.


Earn cash back from shopping and reward points. You can earn limited cash back when shop on Kalo and monetize on every purchase through your post.

Link your bank account or debit card to redeem your points for cash through Kalo. Track your progress and find out new and fast ways to earn points.


Capture your outfits, tag the products in your picture for easy shopping and inspiration, and share them with our community. Come join Kalo, be part of the exclusive community and get popular before it's too crowded.

Our Community

"Love how easy KALO is for us to tag products to our posts unlike any other social media that I am heavily involved in. Could be a revolutionary change for influencers!"

by Dorothee Dutheil

"The best app to showcase your style and while looking at others for inspiration!"

by Gianna Diaz

"Cool app. Innovative way of identifying clothes on pics.
I like the interactions with pictures.Overall slick design."

by Josh Abbot

"I think this is a fun app! I like being able to click on the pics and see where the clothes are from!"

by Sarahmakh

“Finally someone is doing this! Thanks KALO! Building out my fan base takes enough blood and sweat! I can now make a living without doing extra work.”

by Margusha__

“Love Kalo. Now my followers
know where to purchase their favorite clothing. And I can easy to help them”

by Smileej.lee

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