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You can explore style inspiration from your favorite influencer and friends. As you find something you like, you can shop directly through posts.


Earn cash back from shopping and reward points. You can earn limited cash back when shop on Kalo and monetize on every purchase through your post.

Link your bank account or debit card to redeem your points for cash through Kalo. Track your progress and find out new and fast ways to earn points.


Capture your outfits, tag the products in your picture for easy shopping and inspiration, and share them with our community. Come join Kalo, be part of the exclusive community and get popular before it's too crowded.

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Where does Kalo Rewards come from?


Every time you shop through Kalo or someone shops from your posts, you earn reward points. How does this happen? The answer is that Kalo shares with you the commission brands/retailers pay us when you make a purchase on a partnering brand/retailer’s website through the link provided by Kalo, or when another user shops through your post either from the app or your Kalolink profile page. Brands/retailers partner with Kalo because we send shoppers to their websites or help them gain exposure. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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