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Kalo is primarily focused on fashion helping you find your favorite styles. Whether you're looking for an outfit for a special occasion or just browsing, the Kalo Community will inspire you with new style ideas and outfits.

Kalo has more than 20,000 partnerships with different retailers, making us the biggest network of collective brands. Easily compare prices on individual products offered by different retailers.Save time on searching for the best value. 

Earn while shopping. Every purchase you make on Kalo, you earn a certain amount of reward points, depending on the commission rate offered by different retailers. When you reach 10,000 points, you can redeem it into cash through Kalo. 



Easy earning. Upload your photos on Kalo, and easily tag your outfit items from our database. You get reward points every time your followers shop through your shared posts. Every 10,000 reward points converts to $10 USD. Once you reach 10,000 points, you can convert your points into cash.

Seamlessly sync photos by linking your Instagram account to Kalo, and directly transfer your posts to Kalo.

Gain more followers. Kalo can help you grow your followers and discoverability on different social media platforms.We host different events to provide tips with you on how to create a more engaging profile. 


Increase brand awareness through UGC: Potential customers can discover your brand though other users’ shared posts, and they can directly shop the brand on Kalo. Intensifying the power of word-of mouth is the most important asset in a  customer’s purchase decision process. 

Kalo is primarily targeting at micro-influencers, who are incentivized to post fashion content and tag product details, allowing a unique brand partnership. Micro-influencers fall under a more niche market with highly engaged and loyal followers. Through your partnership with Kalo, easily find potential influencers to collaborate on a partnership. 

Partnered merchants can easily reach out to your target segment, by searching for specific product tags. You will discover a larger and more targeted customer base than other social platforms. Kalo primarily focuses on fashion content and providing incentive for micro-influencers.


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