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Wednesday, May 20th, 2020 - Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

In-App Exclusive Event:

How do you "Make Sweats Look Expensive?"

Make a match? Accessorize? Show us what you do to make wearing sweats fun and chic!

Entry Period: Wed, 5/22/20, 2 PM - Sun, 5/24/20, 11 PM EDT


Entry Criteria: Post photos of how you style sweatshirts and sweatpants in Kalo App. Up to 5 posts would be considered for each user


Winner Selection:

  • Kalo team members would evaluate whether a new post qualifies for event entry

  • All qualified posts would be displayed in the search result of "luxury_loungewear" 

  • 5 WINNERS would be selected based on the number of non-self-initiated views


Winner Benefits:

  • Qualified entry posts of the 5 winners would be displayed as featured posts under @Kaloevent from Mon, 5/25/20, 2 PM to Wed, 5/27/20, 2 PM EDT

  • Top 1 winner would be the featured user from Wed, 5/27/20, 2 PM to Wed, 6/3/20, 2 PM EDT



  • Check out featured sample posts​ @Kaloevent for guidance on how to "make sweats look expensive"

  • Look up qualified posts by tapping the event banner through the top search bar

Tip: Share your posts with your friends to garner their support!

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