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Wednesday, August 12, 2020 - Wednesday, August 26, 2020

In-App Exclusive Event:

JUST SHOW IT - your Nike style

What Nike items do you have? How do you style them? Do you wear them besides workout?

 +  Entry Period:

Wednesday, August 12, 12 AM EDT - Sunday, August 16, 11:59 PM EDT

 +  Entry Criteria:

1. Post photo(s) of how you style your Nike item(s) in Kalo App

+ Tag your Nike item(s)

2. Use hashtag  #justshowit  (Make sure you've updated to the newest version!)

3. Only full outfit posts would be considered - photos of one item alone would not

*Comment under the event post to make sure we notice your posts!

 +  Winner Selection:

5 winners would be selected based on post views and likes. All qualifying event posts would be ordered by the combined number of Views and Likes. The first five unique users would be chosen as winners for this event. Self-initiated views would be excluded.

 +  Winner Benefits:

 1. Top 1 winner would be featured in Kalo app for a week from Wednesday,

August 19, 12 PM EDT

2. Qualified entry posts of the 5 winners would be displayed as featured posts under @Kaloevent from Mon, August 17, 6 PM to Wed, August 19, 12 PM EDT

3. A congratulatory email containing winners' Kalolink profile

4. IG story promotion 

⚠️Tip: Share your posts with your friends to garner their support!

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