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🌟About Kalo App

Kalo is a social fashion platform that supports users to share your styles, shop and earn rewards. Take a photo of your outfit and your beautiful selfie, use our tech to tag the products on it and post (like taggable Instagram!) Sit back, relax and wait for your commission to come! Our partners range from famous brand names such as Nordstrom, SSENSE and Farfetch. We have access to their millions of products to provide the best service for you.

Easy shopping and inspiration experience for your followers and a big earning opportunity for you! When someone buys through your shared posts, you will be rewarded by the commission. There’s no gimmick here. The reward points that you collect are directly redeemable to cash. Simple as linking your bank account to the platform securely through a third party (Stripe) and redeem your points to cash in your bank account join Kalo and inspire us today!

❗️Download and use the Kalo app Now ❗️

🌟Great benefits on Kalo App

There are three major benefits that come with the Kalo App!

First, you can shop through the app and earn cash rewards on purchases! 

(No other platform allows everyone to earn money like that.)

First, you can shop through the app and earn cash rewards on purchases! 

(No other platform allows everyone to earn money like that.)

Second, while we are fully up and running, we are definitely a new platform. 
So in case you missed out on Instagram, Snapchat, or even the TikTok run as an influencer, come join Kalo, be part of the exclusive community and get popular before it’s too crowded. 

You could earn commissions through your post!
Share your styles on Kalo to help your fans shop the items through your post. Then, You will easily get commissions that are redeemable to cash.

Above are the basic exciting features of Kalo.

Here’s the exclusive offer for the specially selected individuals: We would like you to create a 30 seconds promotion video for Kalo app on TikTok.

🌟Be Kalo App VIP User

We would like you to become a Kalo App VIP user and create posts. 
(We will promote you on our platform Kalo app. You will have your own QR code to put on your social media profiles. With that,we will track any new users signing up through you. And you will get all the referral rewards!)

🌟Video Requirements:

1. Content & Style

Please keep using your original vertical Tiktok content and vibe while making this the promotion video in a natural and relaxed style. What Kalo wants to share is a positive attitude and lifestyle so please use your own creative way to relate your video content to your experience with the Kalo app.

2. Hashtags

For your video’s best result, please choose one of the trending hashtags as your video theme, your video content should be related to the theme while promoting Kalo.

3. Caption

Your caption should be simple, feature hashtags relating back to the video content, @kaloapp and include all the necessary hashtags.

4. Sounds and voices

your video should accompany the right trending song that fits the hashtag theme, otherwise, you may use your original sound. Also, please address Kalo’s slogan in the video by voices or text : Shop Kalo, Earn Kalo, Live Kalo.

5. Video Editing

Please include Kalo’s Logo, Kalo hand gesture, and Kalo slogan in your video.

🌟Video Posting Requirements:

1. Please add your chosen themed hashtag, #kaloapp #kalo, @kaloapp in your TikTok caption (feel free to add more on your own😊)

2. Please follow Kalo’s assigned posting schedule for your video.

3. Please post this video on both your Tiktok and instagram story (@kaloapp) 

🌟Video Materials

(This is a unified symbol of KALO (a hand-sign of  “K”) that is used by all of our influencer partners. The collective efforts showcasing this sign helps bring the community together. )

*Please send the video draft (without watermark) to for content approval before posting
We appreciate your patience and cooperation!~

There will also be a 20% bonus if your video makes 
a great impression (above your average views) 

Kalo Logo

Kalo Website

Kalo User Website

Let us know if you need anything else.

 Please sign the contract and send it back to us

Look forward to seeing your video~❤️

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