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Halloween 2021:K - Pop year

Pumpkin season is just around the corner!

Halloween is a time for us to carve pumpkins, watch horror movies, and spend time with friends and family.

The most exciting! We dress up and pretend to be whoever we wish to be, embracing the festivities and activities!

In the K-Pop industry, Halloween is also celebrated with fans all over the world!

How do idols dress up and perform on the special stage?

The most comprehensive K-pop Halloween is all here! Do not miss it!

1. K pop Halloween Vibe

TWICE Halloween Vibe

“Like Ooh Ahh“, their love or dressing up and playing different characters.

Not only is the music video zombie apocalypse-themed, but they also take on scholastic roles, with student uniforms, cheerleader outfits, and a P.E.

“Cheer Up”, the whole group dressed up as cheerleaders, creating what remains today one of the most iconic Kpop looks of all time.

“What Is Love?“, in this one, the movie references include some of the biggest hits in both Korea and Hollywood.

Red Velvet Halloween Vibe

“Peek-A-Boo '' the fashion featured in it features strong, bold tones of red contrasting with black. The red crown look in the teaser picture for the comeback also gives off an eerie vibe that something is not as serene as it seems.

“Psycho“, which delivers gothic, witchy perfection, plotting and scheming around, in impeccable ensembles of black and white. The white gowns are paired with black lipstick. A combination worth playing with this Halloween.

Blackpink Halloween vibe

“Kill This Love” comeback, the girls decided to dress up in full combat gear.

2. K-pop Song perfect for Halloween

All K-Pop fans know songs for every style and season when it comes to our favorite Korean artists. The extra special about the dark and supernatural concepts that creep up around Halloween each year.

K Pop fans’ favorite times of the year, Halloween-themed Kpop music videos to finish the night on a spooky high!

Here is a list of Top 10 music videos perfect to watch this Hallows Eve.

Red Velvet – RBB (Really Bad Boy)

Red Velvet is a concept chameleon, their supernatural themes. ‘RBB’ for its over-the-top Halloween fun.

Lee Jung Hyun – V

‘V’ is fun and flirty, with a seriously disturbing MV! It co-stars actor Jin Goo as an unsuspecting groom to this obsessive ghostly bride.

Block B – Jackpot

Block B is legit terrifying as crazed clowns in a psychedelic funhouse. The song is so good you’ll soon forget all about the scary, scary clowns.

VIXX – Voodoo Doll

‘Voodoo Doll’ is the ultimate eerie song with a terrifying MV to match. The perfect group for the Halloween season!

(G)I-DLE – Oh My God

‘Oh, My God’ composed by member Soyeon is a visual, visceral delight with a creepy and addictive sound.

SHINee – Married To The Music

SHINee takes us to a haunted Halloween party in ‘Married To The Music. The glowing drinks, flying heads, and missing body parts!

Twice – Yes or Yes

Twice sure has a lot of iconic Halloween concepts (Like Ooh-Ahh, TT). But their haunted carnival in ‘Yes or Yes’ is the one that gives us the creeps!

2NE1 – It Hurts

Legendary girl group 2NE1 witchy offering ‘It Hurts.’ The gloomy fall vibes and airy vocals make it both highly aesthetic and the perfect song to chill out with.

Dreamcatcher – Good Night

Dreamcatcher is no stranger to the darker, creepier concepts of imagery throughout.

Narsha – Biri Baba

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha delivers possibly the catchiest song ever, in the scariest possible way. Not sure exactly what’s going on but freaked out.

3. Special K Pop Halloween Stages

You can’t miss K-pop live stages. enjoy these K-pop stages that are sure to frighten you!


IZ*ONE looked like they came straight out of a storybook with how perfectly they played Disney princesses while performing 'Secret Story of the Swan. 'For the 'Halloween' version of their song 'Go-Go,' the members dressed up as Snow White and the dwarves, as the adorable Snow White.


BLACKPINK created a 'Frozen' version of their record-breaking hit 'How You Like That' for their 4th anniversary, where the members dressed up as characters from the Disney film 'Frozen.' It was iconic, to say the least.



Everyone loves princesses, but GFRIEND decided to go for witch costumes to switch things up, as they always do. The 'Witch' version of their performance of 'Apple' got them unlimited cool points from fans.


'More and More' at Music Bank, TWICE dressed up as the characters from 'Snow White,' complete with the dwarves and the Evil Queen.


'Halloween' version of their dance performance video of 'MMM,' TREASURE dressed up as various characters from multiple cartoons, games, and more.


ITZY opted for superheroes for a "HERO" version of their song 'Wannabe.' The scene-stealer was Lia in her strawberry costume.

ONEUS Heartbeat (2 PM cover)

ONEUS’s cover of 2PM‘s classic track “Heartbeat” during the 2019 “M COUNTDOWN Halloween Special.” The expressions and tone while singing this song show their lifelessness as lovesick vampires. This Halloween stage is fun to watch, giving the perfect mixture of light and dark.

LOONA: “Full Moon (SUNMI Cover)

This stage only consists of about half of the LOONA members still beautifully dressed in matching red dresses to play off of their vampire concept. The most memorable moment of this stage was the rap part. Olivia Hye‘s rap completely made the song her own!

VAV: Poison

This stage shows their charm as performers, displaying their strong vocals and rap. Their dance moves are satisfyingly synchronized, and their classic vampire costumes help bring this song about a poisonous love to life.

ATEEZ: Wonderland

This “Wonderland” stage has many memorable moments where the performance is powerful with big gestures and strong facial expressions. This “Wonderland” Halloween stage will be remembered for years to come!

4. K pop vibe and Halloween spirit in daily Fashion

Many people have the Halloween spirit, they have the unique fashion attitude, the special makeup, they love to blend Halloween into daily life. And, the K-pop vibe is all over the world, we all have our bias idols who have inspired us in many aspects.

How to integrate these two stunning vibes? Always fashionable, always on-trend, and of course curious about this world!

Here are the tips for the K-pop - Halloween fashion vibe!


Lisa’s solo Lalisa no surprise that the clip broke YouTube history as the fastest debut music video to hit 10 million views in just 90 m