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K pop 4th Generation - TWICE

Twice is serving twice the surprises, dropping their music video for “Scientist”.

The “Scientist” gives fans a dose of bubble gum pop, crossing over with a scientific theme.

The girls of Twice let you know “love ain’t a science", by smashing beakers, flipping tables, and all-around wrecking the lab --- all of these are just to prove their point.

Twice’s third full album, Formula of Love: O+T=<3, is available now.

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TWICE (트와이스) is a girl group consisting of 9 members:

Jihyo, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu.

The group debuted on October 20, 2015, through the survival show Sixteen, under JYP Entertainment.

What’s the meaning of the group name “TWICE”?

JYP Entertainment’s CEO Park Jin Young once explained the origin of the group name in a press conference,

“It means that they will be able to move people twice. Once through the ears and once through the eyes.”

1. Nayeon - Lead vocalist, lead dancer

26-year-old Nayeon possesses youthful charm and facial features.

Her adorably unique bunny smile, and her strong vocals are her signature presence in the group.

In case I haven't made my point yet, she's very passionate about singing!

2. Jeongyeon - Lead vocalist

The 25-year-old Jeongyeon sports a short haircut that will make you want to chop that locks. Jeongyeon is not the only celebrity in her family—she has an older sister who is an actress. Talents do run in the family.

3. Momo - Main dancer, sub vocalist, sub rapper

Momo is a 25-year-old Japanese member. Let's just say dancing is her life!

Her dance breaks in TWICE’s music videos are a testament to her being one of the best dancers of her generation!

4. Sana - Sub Vocalist

24-year-old Sana’s claims her fame when she did her super cute dance step in “Cheer Up", while she was singing her line “Shy shy shy”.

That sequence practically made her the aegyo queen.

5. Jihyo - Leader, main vocalist

24-year-old Park Jihyo trained for 10 years before her debut in TWICE. That's persistence.

Though she is recognized for her bubbly character, she would always look after and back up her teammates.

Her vocal is superb, her dance skills are on point, she can do everything because of all the hard work she has put in.

6. Mina - Main Dancer, sub vocalist

Born in the US, 23-year-old Mina's English name is Sharon. She lived in Japan when she was young.

Being a pro ballerina, she earned the nickname “Penguin'' because she walks like one and she embraces it.

Don't let her elegant appearance fool you, she's also a hardcore gamer!

7. Dahyun - Lead rapper, sub vocalist

23-year-old Kim Dahyun is the adorable figure in the group with the nickname "Tofu", thanks to her pale skin.

Apparently, she has a special talent for spotting cameras anywhere, whether it is during an interview, awards show, or when she is at the airport.

8. Chaeyoung - Main rapper, sub vocalist

22-year-old Son Chaeyoung is an artist with a gift for drawing.

She is a songwriter, poet, as well as a fierce yet cute rapper.

Disney Korea once invited her to the Lion King premiere because she resembles baby Simba!

9. Tzuyu - Lead dancer, sub vocalist, visual

Born and raised in Taiwan, Chou Tzuyu is a 22 years old member who joined TWICE as a teenager.

The first thing you'll notice about her is that she is tall (standing at 5'8).

She has a killer body and a beautiful face, so much so that she was nominated in

The Most Beautiful Faces of the year by TC Candler.

So who is your favorite ;)?

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