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Dream job in the fashion industry--Cherry interview

The fashion industry may be both familiar and mysterious to a lot of us. In today's interview, KALO unveils to us what it is like working for a fashion brand by inviting a special guest Cherry, an international student in the U.S., who finds her way to becoming a part of the U.S. fashion community.

Cherry is a fashion editor at a New York Based Fashion brand, J.ING. She found her dream job in the fashion industry with zero fashion background and a degree from business school. For those of you who are interested in working in the fashion industry, this is an exclusive KALO interview you shouldn't miss!

Without further ado, let's get into the interview.

About J.ING


Cherry, you were a customer of the brand J.ING before you became the brand's ambassador. What was your impression of the brand at that time? What prompted you to work for the brand as a fashion professional? Was it a difficult transition as a business school grad working in the fashion industry?


My initial impression on J.ING was its exquisite and niche design. In the U.S., it's hard to find brands with unique high-end designs at an affordable price. After several purchases, I found that both the quality of J.ING clothes and how well they fit surprised me! Since then, it became my go-to brand for clothes.

Speaking of my major in college, it does sound challenging working as a Fashion Editor at J.ING with an econ major background. However, my position has more to do with my past experiences and my passion for fashion. (smiles) The fashion industry is not exclusive for anyone with a fashion major but open to everyone with relevant professional skills.


How was your experience going from being a loyal customer of the brand to working for it?


Before working at J.ING, anything related to the fashion industry occurs to me as nothing but fanciness. Now I realized there is much more than the glamourous glare presented in front of our customers. A lot of hard work and dedication behind the stage are unaware of by many.

CEO/Founder of J.ING is a female entrepreneur. Therefore, the brand has always been in support of the power of women.

"Be women, for women" is the core purpose of the company. The simple slogan also shows the backing of women's entrepreneurship.

About the Fashion industry


A lot of us are interested in entering the fashion industry but don't know how to get started. Cherry, do you have any tips on how to prepare to be a fashion KOL?


The first and most important thing is to have a good fashion sense, whether it is to become a fashion KOL or to work in many other positions in the fashion industry.

In the past, I liked to buy all kinds of clothes that didn't go well together. It wasn't until later that I realized the problem wasn't that there weren't enough clothes in my wardrobe, but the fact that I never figured out how to find a good match up from what I had. Since then, I began to spend time studying outfit matchups, reading more fashion magazines, and following fashion social media accounts.

An even better way is to find a person whose style matches your taste. Imitate while keeping what looks good on you and stay away from what doesn't. Gradually, you can develop a style that is unique to you.


Due to the increasingly worsening job market in the wake of the pandemic, which results in more restricted immigration policies, many international students are now in a state of confusion. Cherry, do you want to share some experiences on how you coped with the obstacles in search of your dream job in the U.S?


I have heard this is a tough year for international students. However, it is in these hard times do we need to take more proactive actions.

A little story about myself: Before joining J.ING, I had no related experience in the fashion industry. Therefore, I took the initiative to contact J.ING's hiring manager, shooted content for the brand, and promoted their product taking advantage of my social media presence and my KOL status on a platform.

At that time, there weren't many Asian faces on J.ING's social platform, and so my presence attracted considerable purchases in the Asian customer group. Maintaining a good relationship with the brand is also a huge factor that leads to the offer at J.ING.

I believe everyone has their unique selling points. Find out yours and take full advantage of them. I hope that all of you can get the offer you like and have a bright future!


Asian faces are still relatively rare in the North American fashion industry. Does your identity put you at an advantage or disadvantage?


Although there is a relatively less Asian presence in the North American fashion industry, the fashion industry is fairly open to new ideas. I believe there is a place for everyone in the North American fashion industry to present their uniqueness and fashion style.

I've also been studying photo styles and techniques from American and European bloggers lately. Most of their pictures have a more dramatic form of representation. In contrast, Chinese bloggers are more delicate in their photoshoot style and outfit matchups and pay attention to details.

Because the Chinese fashion community in the U.S. is relatively small, it gives me the advantage of better fitting in once I know a handful of others in the fashion industry.

When it comes to disadvantages, Chinese bloggers lack mature and contrasty representation in our photos compared with Europeans and Americans. It is something we should work on to stand out better.


Fashion is a fast-paced industry, how to balance study and work? How to adjust when you feel tired?


I have been away from campus for more than half a year now.

When I was in school, I considered fashion as my part-time job. When tired of studying, I would update my fashion account and do some online shopping—something many other girls do in their leisure time. Most of the weekends, I spent a ton of time outside taking pictures. I will pick 2-3 sets of looks in advance and then choose the place to take photos so that I can get the most out of my free time. After the photoshoot, I will adjust the picture and write the copy.

Interest is my best teacher. There is nothing that compels me to follow through better than doing something I love to do.

About KALO


Cherry, you are now also the fashion ambassador of the KALO app. Are there any differences between working with a platform and working with a brand?


There sure are.

Emphasis on bringing publicity to the brand is strong when it comes to working with a brand. Whether the photos are looking good, whether they conform to the tone of the brand, and whether they highlight the characteristics of the brand clothing are all very crucial.

Working with Kalo, on the other hand, gives me more leeway to focus more on my skills and sharing my favorite items and pieces. I enjoy visiting Kalo. While sharing my favorite fashion items, I can also check out the top picks from KALO as well as posts from other KALO users to stay on top of the current fashion trends. Why not?


Our routine problem again, do you want to share a little about your experience of using the KALO App?


Quoting the slogan on the KALO app: "Share while inspired. Shop while earning":

KALO is a sharing platform, a social platform, and a shopping platform. As a fan of the KALO App, the platform provides me with a lot of dress inspiration and the latest fashion trends right around my fingertips. As the fashion ambassador of KALO, I can share my favorite items with others and get commissions when others buy through the posts I share.

KALO perfectly fulfills my need for shopping and sharing. Also, the interface of KALO is simple and easy to operate: click the picture tag on someone else's post to buy the exact pieces you like. Taking inspirations from others' outfit matchup is made easy for everyone.

Cherry's recommendations


Cherry, have you encountered any specific clothing pieces that you find difficult to match with your style? How did you deal with it?


Although as a KOL, I'm getting a good hang of what I put on every day, there are still styles that I find challenging to pull off. For me, the girly and ballerina type of dresses are not my typical style. The cute floral and tutu dresses would look a little off on me.

However, if they were the only options during a photoshoot, I would go for a mix and match approach to create a new style that fits me. For example, I pair tulle blouses with casual jeans for a sweet but sophisticated look, and tutu dresses in exaggerated sole sneakers for a casual and chic style.

Mix and match is a handy method to create a sense of style and avoid a monotonous overall style. After all, we need to adjust and play around the clothing pieces to fit our unique styles, not the other way around.


Cherry, as a shoe lover, do you want to share a couple of your favorite pairs of shoes for the summer?


Like many others, I am mostly staying at home recently due to the pandemic. So why don't I share some comfortable sport sneakers that are great for indoors as well as some occasional outdoor exercising?

The first pair I want to share is Yeezy 350. To me, it is a must-own hot sale model. It is lightweight, comfortable, supportive, and, most importantly, stylish! I sometimes wear them like slippers for a quick stroll around outside, and they look excellent on me regardless of what I wear.

The second pair is the Nike x Off-White's Zoom Terra Kiger 5 pike shoe. My first impression of them was that they were stunning! The fluorescent green outsole is eye-catching, and the soft track spikes underneath make them look even more distinctive. They are also super light, making them the top choice for running.

The third pair is Alexander Mcqueen's new exaggerated-sole sneakers. It's needless to say a trendy model. The slightly warping toe cap and the 5cm thick heel make the wearer appear not only taller but also in overall a better shape! The pair goes exceptionally well with jeans and casual items.


Finally, Cherry, can you recommend some of your favorite fashion items from J.ING for the summer?



The hottest Lisa wide-leg jeans this year! The high-waisted and wide-leg version of the jeans visually trims your waist. The double distressed slits on the outer thighs avoid the bulkiness as a result of the wide leg design and add the element of style and sexiness. A simple white T hoodie will look great with it.


White shirts are a big part of my wardrobe. This relaxed and sophisticated white shirt is recommended for an office environment. The delicately designed curve and fabric outlook have a certain level of transparency but are not through. The chest ribbon can be freely adjusted to your heart's content. Soft white fabric is defined in a way that pops thanks to the contrast piping in black that traces the trimming.


Pink off-the-shoulder summer mini dress with a shirred bodice, puff sleeves, and an A-line silhouette.


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