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Everything About Cyberpunk!

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

1. What is Cyberpunk?

‘Cyberpunk’ is a combination of Cybernetics (neuromechanics) and Punk (punk culture).

Cyberpunk was conceived in the 1980s. In 1983, science fiction writer Bruce Bethke coined this compound term under the context of his short story “Cyberpunk” published in an issue of Amazing Stories magazine.

Bruce Bethke used Cyberpunk to describe the lost young generation: the technical nerds who resist the authority of their parents. they are incompatible with mainstream society, and they tend to use computer technology to exploit loopholes and to cause trouble.

The masterpiece created fascinating science fiction. With the background of the futuristic high-tech era (imaginary), it combines elements such as hackers, artificial intelligence, and dystopia, which most of these terms were farfetched ideas almost 40 years ago, to describe the disorganization and degeneration of human beings. In fact, it has had a profound impact on modern science and technology culture.

Thus, in the fashion world, Cyberpunk is not only an avant-garde style but also an attitude of mankind to reflect on technology and civilization.

When thinking about Cyberpunk, the picture that flashes in our minds is most likely neon light + electronic music + artificial intelligence.

Cyberpunk-styled works often include elements such as the internet, virtual reality, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, bionics and cyborgs, urban expansion and slums, large enterprises, genetic engineering, and bioengineering. It emphasizes technology and individualism.

As mentioned above, color is the core of the cyberpunk aesthetic system. Urban scenes dominated by cool color tones, with local warm colors embellishment, present high-contrast, high-saturation but low-brightness picture characteristics, rendering a uniquely mysterious and gloomy atmosphere.

When it comes to the style and the usual images of cyberpunk, three colors stand out: blue, green, and purple. These particular colors do not only represent a more augmented world, they bring in deeper connotation in the aesthetic sense, which fulfills a taste of virtual reality of its own.

Blue is a cool color, but it is also a color of technology. Often used to set the tone for the background.

Green is the color of characters in early computer display screens. It is used to refer to the data space.

Purple enhances the aesthetics of distortion under light pollution.

This recent trend brought about an avant-garde style in designs, arts, fashion, and many areas. It indirectly cultivates the connections between people who are inspired by the attitude of human beings that reflects on technology and future civilization. With time, cyberpunk fermented in various cultural fields, including the pop-culture.

William Gibson's 1984 debut "Neuromancer" created the skeleton, nerves, flesh, and blood of cyberpunk. William Gibson's far-reaching influence earned him the title of "father of cyberpunk."

"Blade Runner" in 1982 is recognized as the OG cyberpunk movie, which has a typical cyberpunk feel throughout. With the gloomy sky, dense fog, and neon lights flooding the streets and alleys, "Blade Runner" truly made an impression of Cyberpunk aesthetics to popular culture.

There are also many Japanese amines, such as "Akira", "Ghost in the Shell", etc., that have shown the ‘two-dimensional' version of cyberpunk with a taste of imagination in the fantasy world. Without boundaries of reality and constraints, this work can better interpret the wild, bizarre world of cyberpunk.

2.What is Cyberpunk fashion?

With its gradual development, Cyberpunk fashion works have a huge influence on the world, especially younger generations, and they have occupied an indispensable role in the real world nowadays.

Countless young people across cultures are longing for the wonderful cyber future, aspire to blend into it NOW as if they are the main characters of those virtual worlds that they read about.

In recent years, the fashion community not only re-adopted the style, but it has also revolutionized it into a style of ‘future’ and ‘function’, which is an extension of the Cyberpunk approach in the trend circle.

All kinds of cutting-edge outfits have become a bridge between people and Cyberpunk. Everyone can act as a spokesperson.

In the field of fashion, former Dior director Raf Simons directly copied the "Blade Runner" scene to the Milan show.

The lighting effects blending warm and cold show the Cyberpunk aesthetics.

The Acronym × Nike series by Errolson Hugh has made functional sneakers well-known to the public, and the stunning design has also successfully set off a ‘functional’ craze in the circle.

Waterproof, thin, and breathable materials like Gore-Tex can be used in any weather conditions. Many technical garments are originally designed with unattractive or unfashionable fabrics.

Their creation was focused on functionality such as windproof, waterproof, and warmth in the first place.

The amalgamation of style and function allows these fabrics to shine in a contemporary way and it is the cyberpunk culture that allows that to happen.

Loewe's colorful jacket is a typical representative of modern Cyberpunk.

Even on the runway, similar inspirations have been seen. it is arguably the most popular trend in the industry currently.

The different iteration of sports styles complements functionality and the bold color schemes are widely accepted nowadays.

Street fashion came along the way of evolution and it has perfectly established the definition of fashion in the industry in the past decade.

3. Cyberpunk fashion in life

Cyberpunk aesthetics can always take us away from reality and immerse ourselves in the dystopia of the virtual world.

However, Cyberpunk is very close to our lives. Since various film and television elements can be used in sneakers and clothing, the visual elements of Cyberpunk are undoubtedly more attractive when placed on daily life items.

If you have a hard time grasping this idea, look no further than the costumes in the movie [The Fifth Element] or the Japanese manga [AKIRA].

They were futuristic pieces back in the days but the fashion styles are seen in real-life events everywhere.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, the Cyberpunk style is also known for its level of collocation.

If you still can’t wrap your head around the Cyberpunk fashion, "ninja" might be a good first impression.

Covering the skin as much as possible through stacking, such as high collars, masks, gloves, etc., all reveal the concept of the Cyberpunk world view that clothing's main function is to protect yourself.

However, this style does not necessarily have to be mainly black, like what you see in anime and ninja movies.

For example, functional items seen on models, actors and influencers, blend the ninja effects into other styles such as military uniforms and goths. So dark colors, military green, white, gray, can all extract the same atmosphere.

In addition, functional vests are also a common item.

Not only can it increase the level of ruggedness, but features like multiple pockets also enhance the functionality and convenience.

Because Cyberpunk's style focuses on layers and functions, so one doesn't have to worry as much about body proportions.

Simply use different tailored items to stack, and add uniform colors to bring out its cyber emphasis.

For example, sneakers, skateboard shoes, and military pants can all be used in matching the perfect look

Streets of Japan, you can often see fans of Cyberpunk-style.

To increase the survival rate in Cyberpunk’s worldview, in terms of materials and design, most items emphasize durability and convenience, such as masks extending from the neck, functional jackets that can be stored, lightweight, and high impact resistance.

Boots are a must-have item for Cyberpunk style lovers.

Canvas and leather provide durability and are also common materials.

Most bags like bags have many pockets, providing excellent portability.

In terms of style, Cyberpunk has many items that are rarely seen in ordinary wear, so compared to other styles, the characteristics are extremely distinctive!

There is no conclusion to wear, so even vintage or saturated colors can be used on Cyberpunk.

The Cyberpunk style is like an image, creating a sense of the future, but also reminding people of the possibility that they will face soon!

The mainline of Cyberpunk’s style is to reflect the strong contrast between the highly developed human civilization and the fragile and insignificant human individuals.

By the same token, the outside and the inside, the steel and the flesh, the past and the future, the reality and the illusion, etc. Contradictions are intertwined. They seem to oppose, yet they are always tightly connected.

Because Cyberpunk style focuses on layers and functions, so one doesn't have to worry as much about body proportions. Simply use different tailored items to stack and add uniform colors to bring out its "cyber" emphasis. For example, sneakers, skateboard shoes, and military pants can all be used in matching the perfect look.

Are you a fan of Cyberpunk?

Share your OOTD with us!

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