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Everything About Y2K

What is Y2K?

Y2K means 2000, so it will also be directly called the millennial style.

Y=Year 2=2000 K=Kilo, Y2K is more like a tribute to the future.

Its peak period was the 1653 trend of culture from the early 1990s to the early 21st century.

In general, this style centered on metal, technology, transparency, PVC, and jelly is the Y2K style.

Y2K is also known as the "millennium bug".

It originally referred to the "computer millennium bug problem", because at the end of the 1990s, the computer program design needed to be optimized, so it was processed after January 1, 2000.

There will be operations that are not striving for at the right time, and it will even lead to work halt and even catastrophic consequences in certain sensitive industries such as electricity, energy, banking, etc.!

Later, with the real arrival of 2000, the Internet world full of mysterious charm gradually emerged, coupled with people's expectations and yearning for the new century, contributed to Y2K's unique style full of illusory futurism.

People who have just entered the 21st century have imagined the future as a dream utopia with extremely advanced information technology.

Y2K recorded the craziest imagination and the most beautiful dreams of mankind during that period.

This also makes it fundamentally different from other futuristic styles. Y2K, born in a peaceful fantasy, possesses a positive spirit and optimism that are rare in other futuristic styles.

And those technological fantasies that were immature in those days also add a layer of the unique charm of retro technology to the Y2K style in our eyes today.

The current resurgence of Y2K style has actually been reflected in the past few years.

The very popular "vapor waves" and some seemingly retro and sci-fi fashion elements in the past two years are actually popular branches of Y2K aesthetics.

However, based on the panic about the "millennium bug" issue, more people began to imagine the changes in the post-millennium era in the online world, portraying the future as a utopian world with highly developed information technology, and finally, this concept extends to the visual sensory culture.

"Final Fantasy at the End of the Century" has become a trendy style, which is what we call the "Y2K" trend now!

Y2K emphasizes the sense of science and technology and the sense of the future.

Most Y2K aesthetics rely on the use of technology and a smooth futuristic appearance.

Coupled with psychedelic, three-dimensional, and bright colors in line with the millennial aesthetic.

Whether it is fashion, music, or movies, they all try to integrate with technology, the future, and other elements, which also formed a very unique aesthetic period of the year.

The millennial color schedule is huge.

From the highly saturated colors full of eye-catching vision to the mid-tone gray full of retro nostalgia, we can see the interpretation of the saturated bright colors of different highlands.

So, what basic elements could we use to create the most fashionable Y2K outfit nowadays?

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