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Grateful Dead x Nike Sb Dunk Low bear | Swarovski black crystal Batmobile and Batman [Kalo Daily]


Grateful Dead X Nike Bear

The long-awaited Grateful Dead x Nike Sb Dunk Low "bear" series was set to release this summer. Each colorway of the series refers to one of the five bears Bob Thomas designed for the album History of the Grateful Dead, Volume One (Bear's Choice). On a side note, according to Owsley "Bear" Stanley, the sound man of the Grateful Dead band, the "dancing bears" are marching, not dancing. This Sb Dunk Low series features a fuzzy fur upper, suede overlay, as well as a jagged Nike swoosh inspired by the fur collar of the bears. There is also a small stash pocket behind the shoe tongue for anyone who might consider it useful.

So far, the three colors confirmed, out of the five, are green, yellow, and orange.


Off-white ™ X Nike Air Force 1

At Paris Fashion Week earlier this year, Virgil Abloh stepped out at the Louis Vuitton show with a new pair of off-White ™ X Nike Air Force 1 "MCA" sky blue, with an all-black outsole.

At the time, everyone thought it was just an exclusive version for Virgil Abloh. Six months later, the shoes made another appearance on the Internet. Current Houston Dynamo defender Zarek Valentin shared multiple photos with Complex, claiming he had received the off-white ™ X Nike Air Force 1 as a gift from Nike. Does that mean this new Air Force 1 is on its way to the market?


KFC's "PowerYourHunger" promotional video

Most of us are familiar with KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) as a multinational fast-food chain. What many of us might not know is that KFC also has some deep roots in the gaming industry. KFC Gaming has not only a unique social media platform but also a YouTube channel where participants can take part in the "Chicken Challenges." KFC Gaming also published gaming footage on the platform from time to time.

On June 12, as Sony announced the new generation PlayStation, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Xbox tried to match up with the release of Xbox Series X, KFC released a short trailer for the new KFConsole through its Official Twitter account. The trailer vividly shows a high fancy "next-generation" KFC console, which looks more like an oven or an air fryer. Although this whole thing is obviously KFC trolling the rivalry between PS5 and Xbox Series x, will that machine actually be KFC's first air fryer?


UNIQLO offers a washable, reusable mask

The pandemic situation has diel down a little recently. However, with the market gradually returning to normal, the concern about the second wave of outbreaks raises. Wearing masks is still crucial as long as there is a chance of the virus spreading. UNIQLO Japan, therefore, has launched a seasonal mask for its functional AIRism line, following the introduction of several different face masks.

Based on the concept of the brand "LifeWear," AIRism Mask focuses on three aspects: "anti-bacterial", "cleanable," and "comfortable." The Mask adopts a unique three-layer structure. The high-performance filter screen in the middle layer has a BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) over 99% and can block water droplets, particles, pollen, bacteria, as well as viruses. AIRism masks can be cleaned with a neutral cleaner and remain functional after 20 washes.


Swarovski builds black crystal batmobile

Superhero merchandise and products have always been the favorite way of pushing out new items by many brands. After all, its vast fan base has considerable spending power. This time, Swarovski brought us an all-new Batmobile. Using real deep black crystal, cut up to 473 cuts, the batmobile is about 6.0 inches long, 1.3 inches tall, 2.3 inches wide. This particular Batmobile is the one out of the classic look from "Batman" in 1989 and "Batman Returns" in 1992, directed by Tim Burton. The same deep black crystal cut 5.5 inches tall Batman is also available in the official site along in this release.

Batmobile and Batman cost $599 each, or $1,050 for both.

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