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Gucci 2020 vision, Alessandro Michele's trilogy to breaking the fashion norm

It seems like nothing, not even a global pandemic, can stop Gucci from putting up great shows.

Part one: Gucci Fall/Winter 2020

Earlier this year in February, at the Gucci Fall/Winter 2020 show held in Milan, we got the first taste of the visual feast Alessandro Michele, creative director of the Italian fashion house Gucci, had prepared for us for this fashion season.

Viewers are presented with a 360-degree view of not only the models on stage but also the backstage crews who would usually be preparing behind the curtain.

The show is meant to be a tribute to the fashion circuit, as stated in their preshow Instagram video post along with the hashtag #GucciTheRitual. Hence we seem to get why the ceremonial-like layout as well as the revolving stage. There is also more detail from that video that reflects some aspects from the real show, such as the Porcelain doll that hinds at the little girl's dress back in the 70s.

However, since Alessandro Michele made the statement of abandoning the "worn-out" traditional fashion calendar in May, reducing the number of annual shows from four down to two, many were left to wonder what it could mean for the future Gucci shows.

Part two: #GucciTheRitual Campaign

Not long after, Gucci again grabs our attention by launching yet another exciting campaign under the theme #GucciTheRitual. This time, it is made even more apparent what Alessandro Michele has in mind for this season– further dilute the traditional line on the fashion show stage that separates models from their directors and makeup artists.

Involving models set up the scene, put on makeup, and take the shoot all on their own for the campaign. In the age of social distancing, this campaign beautifully achieved the transparency and creativity Alessandro Michele desires, while conforming to the current government regulation.

"I let the models build their own images, to act as photographers and storytellers, producers and scenographers... I encouraged them to play, improvising with their life."
– Alessandro Michele, Creative Director of Gucci

Finale: Cruise 2021 collection “Epilogue”

In the last week of the first-ever digital Milan Fashion Week on July 17th, Gucci unveiled its first digital show for the resort 2021 collection. Titled "Epilogue," this particular show is said to be the end of a trilogy or "fairy tale" in Alessandro Michele's own words. The first two parts of the "fairy tale" is clearly referring to the F/W2020 show and #GucciTheRitual campaign mentioned above.

Once again, Alessandro puts his design team under the spotlight. Staging at the glamorous Renaissance-era Palazzo Sacchetti in Rome, the latest show is presented as a 12-hour-long livestream of backstage crews working tirelessly for Alessandro's vision. During the livestream, the 73 collections will pop up in a lookbook style occasionally inside a vintage system window. Instead of using models, designers are modeling their own designs, further emphasizing the theme throughout the whole trilogy.

"My three-part story wants to generate a questioning of the rules, roles, and functions that usually developed in the fashion world,"
– Alessandro Michele, Creative Director of Gucci

Although the name “Epilogue” suggests the end, it is actually the end of the traditional norm and rebirth of something new.


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