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Sunbathing Beaches, love and freedom | Interview with Cina

It may be the ultimate ideal for many people to live next to sunbathing beaches in Hawaii, with a cute dog, in a sweet relationship, and to travel around the world, take pictures, and enjoy life.

Cina, our interviewee, has it all. Today, let's take a glimpse into her life as a famous KOL, world traveler, and animal lover.

About Favorite Brands and Products

Q1: First of all, a regular question. Cina, you are quite a fashionista. Do you have any favorite brands or products to share with us? (such as clothes, ornaments, or any other fashion items)

Cina: Recently, I've been addicted to rearranging things in my house and rooms for a better look. I didn't have much time before because of traveling. Now that I'm stuck home, there is more time to add some beautiful home decor and art to my house.

A lot of my inspiration is coming from the Web; to me, Amazon is a great place to buy household items, and Etsy is the go-to for custom designs/projects.

Q2: Sunbathing beaches are everywhere in Hawaii, plus summer is coming soon, swimsuits must be selling like hotcakes over there. Cina, do you have any favorite swimsuit brands to recommend to everyone?

Cina: You can't miss the sunny beaches living here in Hawaii, sunblock is your friend. So naturally, I have a closet of bikinis that I like. My favorite brands are Beach Bunny Swimwear, San Lorenzo, and ALT Swim.

Their bikinis are not too thin to be see-through, but light enough for the hot summer while providing excellent support. The fabric they use is soft and silky in touch, which gives them a very high-quality look and brings the level of comfort to the next level.

Q3: Neon colors are jokingly called "color of death" in the Asian community. But Cina, you seem to be doing exceptionally well with the ultrabright pieces. Neon clothes are climbing back up top in the fashion trend in recent years. Can you share some of your tips on wearing them?

Cina: Neon colors serve well as highlights in clothing matchups. You can take advantage of it in your wallet, heels, or shirt choices, but keep the rest of the outfit neutral for an overall visual balance. It is unnecessary to go full-on ultra-bright. (Giggles)

A bit of tan will also go well with the fluorescent colors!

About Traveling

Q4: Cina, you traveled a lot. Are there any memorable experiences and places you want to share a little bit with us?

Cina: I have a list of top 5 favorite Countries to travel.

First up is Australia, where there are a bunch of beautiful beach towns and hot springs. Don't forget to go on a safari and look for kangaroos at the Werribee Zoo!

There is so much to see in China too. In Shanghai, I love to stroll along the Bund and visit the night markets. In the ice city of Harbin, I was deeply impressed by the stunning grandeur of the ice sculptures and buildings.

Greece - Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world. If you love history, walking through the ruins of ancient temples at the Parthenon and the Acropolis was the perfect journey.

Peru - Peru is famous for its hot springs and spas. At the peak of Machu Picchu, enormous and imposing stone blocks joined without using mortar were combined to create one of the most important religious, political, and cultural centers of the Inca empire. Relaxing by train in Aguas Calientes, a mysterious town in the United Arab Emirates--The recipe for a magical experience.

Thailand - Shop at Bangkok's fun-filled night markets for massages and food, and head to the tropical islands to enjoy Phuket's turquoise waters. There are so many beautiful private islands in Thailand, so don't forget to rent a boat to cruise around.

Q5: Do you have any favorite dishes in China?

Cina: I love traveling to China, and enjoy the food there very much as well! Especially the sliced noodles, Dim sum, and all kinds of street foods. I think I just got hungry talking about them, haha.

About Cina

Q6: Cina, you have a lot of animals in your pictures. What is your take on the interaction between humans and animals in the modern world?

Cina: Animals, including dogs, rabbits, fish, chickens, and goats, have always been part of my life growing up. I love animals very much!

I think human beings should love animals because they have feelings and have a sincere and kind heart. They will always love us back.

They give us their unconditional love, and we should do the same. My dog Mochi is my best friend, and I can't imagine life without her.

Q7: Cina, a considerable part of your Instagram posts are the sweet little moments of you and your boyfriend, and occasionally you pulling small pranks on him. How awesome!

Cina: I like to play pranks with him and catch him off guard. It's a lot of fun for me, and he is cool with it. We had a lot of fun together.

I believe communication is essential for relationships.

Respect each other, love and support each other, and give each other freedom to be our better selves.

We are still trying to learn more about each other every day.

It is inevitable for two people to have different opinions about things in life. We don't have to agree on everything. After all, it is not a game about winning or losing. Understanding each other is most important.

Life is too short to sweat the small stuff, don't sweat the small stuff.

Don't worry, and be happy.

About Life as a KOL

Q8: There is a video in Cina's TikTok that talks about a friend of yours teasing photo retouching. What do you think is the acceptable amount of photo retouch? Your posts are all lovely and natural, and the colors are just right. Do you have any handy Photo Editing Apps to share with those of us who want to recreate the same beauty?

Cina: I think the right amount of editing is subjective to everyone. Some people like to edit more, while some prefer only slight adjustments. When it comes to ways people would like to present themselves, anything goes. Of course, if you overdo it, people on the internet will notice and point out.

I prefer light adjustment to my pictures, which can highlight the color and my personality.

The apps I like to use are Lightroom, FaceApp, KiraKira, FaceTune, and Colourtone. It is becoming more of a trend for people to post photos that look natural than filled with amazing effects. I'm enjoying it.

Q9: Does your Asian background give you a unique perspective on fashion?

Cina: As an Asian, I am very proud and always like different fashion styles. In high school and college, I used to make my own clothes. For me, the choice of dress is determined by the mood of the day: Rock ' n' roll, girly, sporty, haute couture, street style, or a mix.

The great thing about fashion is that there are no rules. You don't have to follow any trends; you just have to be yourself. Trends don't define fashion. You only need to wear something that makes you feel confident and happy.

Q10: Cina, you are in great shape. Do you have any advice on how to keep fit?

Cina: I used to be in the swimming team and water polo team and competed in gymnastics. Swimming is my favorite sport, and gymnastics really helps my body grow and stretch.

Now with more time at home, I do more weight liftings and interval training to work my whole body. I was born relatively thin, and strength training helped shape my hips and legs in a similar way to swimming.

Q11: as KOL, there must be a lot of pressure for coming up with new content. Is there a time, Cina, when you are out of ideas of what to shoot? How do you usually find inspiration?

Cina: Being a KOL is all about finding something you're really passionate about and turning an idea into a reality. I naturally find a lot of inspiration in my daily life. Sometimes a lot of good ideas come from online sources as well.

About KALO

Q12: Before I know it, we have come to the last question! Cina, what is your experience in using the KALO App? Is there something you want to share with our readers?

Cina: I love the Kalo App! It allows me to be both a sharer and a buyer.

The Kalo app is a great place to share your favorite things and outfits, while also appreciating what others are sharing and getting more inspiration. I highly recommend using the KALO app because, with it, you can even make money while shopping! While doing online shopping, not only can you get paid when someone buys a marked item, but also get a bonus by introducing the Kaloapp to your friends.

As mentioned in the introduction, the lifestyle of Cina can be considered the ultimate form of the ideal life by many, yet she will never be limited to the paradigm of the so-called good life. She is still striving to think out of the box and break norms to be an even better version of herself.

Do you want to share your love of fashion here like Cina?

KALO is looking for fashion ambassadors! We look forward to hearing from you.

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