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The violinist, songwriter, and dancer who toured the world and performed in NASA--Lindsey Stirling

When you google "Violinist," you are very likely to get the result of "the 25 greatest violinists of all time", or all kinds of people who play the violin. However, if you search "Violinist who dances," you will get the name, Lindsey Stirling.

For those who have no idea who she is, but would love some violin, pop, and/or instrumental music, Lindsey Stirling's albums are something to check out.

Lindsey Stirling is an American violinist, songwriter, and, you guessed it, dancer. Her bubbly personality is reflected in her ability to dance and skip while playing the violin in perfect tune.

In fact, Lindsey is so vivacious that in one of her jam session with a blind pianist, she was asked if she is comfortable playing sitting still. Here is the recording of the jam session:

As a kid, Lindsey was told by her parents that they were unable to afford both violin and dancing, so she chose the violin instead. As we can see now, she had never given up on her dream to be a dancer.

Lindsey revealed in one of her Warmer in the Winter Christmas Concerts that she had only received some formal training in dancing recently in her life when she was filming the video for her song "Arena."

Before that, she had learned all of her dance moves through watching videos online. Lindsey told the interviewee in one of her interviews that since she was a kid, she had always had a fascination for dance.

Lindsey had been through a lot, but the thing she fought the most was her depression.

Often in her interviews, Lindsey will share different stories of her combatting the sources of her depression: her anorectic, stressful workload, peer pressure from other musicians, and so on.

But ever since she realized she had depression, Lindsey had been getting better and better at dealing with her own feelings and emotions. In the interview with the Jet Foundation in Aug 2019, Lindsey said:


I've been thinking a lot about the moon lately...The moon comes and goes, and sometimes it's full of light, and sometimes it goes through times when it gets a little covered in shadow. But just because the moon is covered in shadow, doesn't mean it isn't always still there.


Check out Lindsey's new album Artemis. It is amazing.

Obviously, the symbol of the moon means a lot more to Lindsey.

If you have heard of the name Artemis, you wouldn't be surprised why Lindsey named her album after it because Artemis is the name of the Greek goddess of the moon. Lindsey also has an emotional support dog, a Chihuahua named "Luna."

For the special album, Lindsey had also done something unprecedented--shooting a music video in NASA.

NASA has been working on a moon program that aims to land the moon once again in 2024. What is different this time, however, is that NASA is planning to launch the first women to the moon. Also, this particular program happens to share a name with one of Lindsey Stirling's albums--Artemis.

Therefore, earlier this year, Lindsey Stirling shot a music video playing the song 'Artemis' on the launchpad that could send people to the moon in 2024.

Lindsey Stirling always gives her audiences her invigorating voice when seen in interviews or performing in concerts, because she knows how difficult it is to keep firm belief in oneself even in the face of adversity. Lindsey was told she couldn't dance while playing the violin at the same time. She was told on the stage of America's got talent show in front of a nation of TV audiences that her performance sounded "like a bunch of rats being strangled". But because she believed in herself, the world today gets to see how awesome Lindsey Stirling is.


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